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Network status: green. We are not aware of any problems.

StuNet News

Successful launch of our new registration process

We have rolled out the new registration process which is using the university login in Agricolastraße and Winklerstraße today. In Alte Mensa and Heinrich-Heine-Straße still only the previous process is working for technical reasons. There will be a timely notice when we adopt the new method.

You can not open the login page?

  • Open the login site https://login.stunet.tu-freiberg.de/ directly
  • Please try another browser and disable your browser add-ons and extensions
  • If your using a router try to login from another device
  • Be sure to obtain your IP automatically (DHCP; see link below)

Problems associated with a router

  • Restart the router
  • Configure the router to get an dynamic IP (via DHCP) and obtain DNS automatically, you can find some instructions for TP-Link here
  • If necessary reset the router and setup it again

Problems related to Kaspersky antivirus software

Kaspersky seems to block our login site. Disabling Kaspersky does not solve the problem. If you are using a router try to login from another device without Kaspersky first, for example your Smartphone.

Be sure to use the latest Kaspersky version (see links below). 

If you have another problem or further questions, please contact us or visit an admin.