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Network status: green. We are not aware of any problems.

StuNet News

Network outage Wed, 16.9. - Fri, 18.9.

Dear Users,

Wednesday evening at about 18:30 there was an outage at the university's computing center (URZ) which cause the internet connection of the whole university to fail. A large part of the campus was reconnected in the morning of Thursday. Unfortunately the outage had corrupted settings that are necessary for the connection between StuNet and thre rest of the campus. This problem was only diagnosed on Friday. We worked together with the URZ to restore the settings and all student residences should be back online.

We are very sorry for this disruption but unfortunately there is nothing we can do when the university network fails.

Important: We need your help if you want to improve the network of StuNet. Maybe you can help with public relations so we can inform our users faster and better? Or you are interested in network maintenance so we can be sure there is always someone in Freiberg when a failure occurs?

Best regards
AG StuNet