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Network status: green. We are not aware of any problems.

StuNet News

Last minute information regarding the changes on Wednesday

The new StuNet login form

This week we will finally launch our new login system. For that matter we would like to give you some advice so the transition to the new system will be as smooth as possible.

On Wednesday between 9:30am and 11am all users will be disconnected, resulting in your devices logging in to StuNet again automatically. Users who use a router to connect to StuNet can of course keep using their router like they did before. In that case, the login should be done on the computer connected to the router via LAN/WLAN.

The login will take place completely in the browser. As soon as you try to access a website, a login mask will appear. If you cannot use the internet anymore or if the login page does not show up automatically please open login.stunet.tu-freiberg.de.

On the login page, please use your university login to reactivate internet access.

Should you run into any problems don't hesitate to contact us. There will be special office hours on Wednesday from 1:45pm to 6 pm in the basement of dormitory Agricolastraße 16. Of course you can also contact an admin or get in touch through our website or by sending an email.

Users who did not login until June 30th have to contact an admin to be activated.

Kind regards