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Network status: green. We are not aware of any problems.

StuNet News

Fixed faulty assignment of IP addresses

Dear users,

We received more reports in recent weeks about faulty IP address assignment to user systems. The error has now been detected and corrected.The IP address assignment via DHCP is handled by two systems which dynamically divide the available addresses among each other. Thus, addresses can still be distributed if one of the systems fails. Unfortunately, due to a configuration error on our part, the communication between the systems was interrupted, which prevented the systems from exchanging available addresses. This caused a system to run out of available IP addresses and it did not respond to requests from user systems.We apologize for the problems and thank the users who reported the problem.

If you are interested in computer networks, linux server, protocols or supporting users, then feel free to contact us. Everyone can work with us at StuNet and bring his/her ideas to make the network a bit better.

Your AG StuNet