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StuNet News

Extra consultation at the beginning of the semester

Dear new users,

in this semester we will again offer an extra consultation.

On Saturday the 1st and Thursday the 4th October you find us in the basement of the dormitory Agricolastraße 16 next to the caretakers office. From 10am to 2pm you can give us the form you received from the dormitories' administration. Please fill in your university login name an do not forget your rent contract. You can bring us the guest login forms, too, of course.

Please note, that we can not offer extra consultations in the other dormitories, so everyone should use this consultation. Of course you can also ask us questions related to the internet connection in the dormitories.

If you are interested in computer networks, linux server, protocols or supporting users, then feel free to contact us. Everyone can work with us at StuNet and bring his/her ideas to make the network a bit better.

Your AG StuNet