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Activating DHCP

The directly to the network connected device has to be configured to use DHCP. This ensures that the device gets all important configuration parameters dynamically. 

Usually this are the default settings. This guide will show you how to check this settings and how to change it if necessary.

Activate DHCP on a router

There are many different models of routes. In addition, the information and names can differ greatly. If you need more help, read the manual of your router.

Also check our router tutorial. This may help you to set up your router after a reset.

TP-Link Router

  1. Connect with a device to your router via cable to a yellow port or use WiFi
  2. Open the configuration page of the router: 
    (maybe try the address from the back of the router)
  3. Log in with username and password (not the WiFi password).
    Default: user: admin and password: admin (see router back side)
  4. Choose "Status" from the menu.
  5. Scroll down to "WAN" and look out for "Dynamic IP" (see picture). Found it? All right!
  6. Not there? Click on "Network" on the left side and on"WAN" afterwards.
  7. Choose "Dynamic IP" in the middle and click on "Save" below.

Activate DHCP in Windows

The screenshots were created using Windows 7. Other versions may have different window layouts or captions.

Selection of the network connection

Starting point is your computer's desktop. Click on the start button and afterwards on "Control Panel".

Windows 8 & 10: Click right in the bottom left corner of your Desktop (in the area of the start button). Than choose "Control Panel".

In the control panel you will find the "Network and Sharing Center". In the upper right corner (red circle) you can change the display of the icons.

On the left you click on "change adapter settings", where you can access your ethernet, wi-fi and bluetooth connections.

As soon as you have found your ethernet adapter, right-click on it and afterwars on "Properties".

Configuration of the TCP/IP protocol

Now you select the "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" and then click on "Properties".

Activation of the DHCP mode

Select "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically".

IP Adresse automatisch beziehen

Click "OK" and close the remaining windows.