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Network status: orange. Because of construction works near Karl-Kegel-Bau the internet connection of the university was interrupted. [more]

Frequently Asked Questions


Sending Email fails. Why?

The university blocks outgoing SMTP connections (port 25) to all mail servers except their own smtp.tu-freiberg.de. You can use this server for your outgoing mail. Alternatively, you may use port 58 or turn on SSL which uses port 465.

My MAC address changed. What now?

In case your MAC address changes (e.g. because you bought a new computer or NIC), please sign the respective form and hand it over to your administrator. The forms can also be obtained from an administrator. Requests for changing the MAC address by email or phone can unfortunately no longer be processed.

Can I connect more than one computer to my StuNet connection?

Currently, you can only register one computer with the StuNet.

There are several possibilities how you can connect a second computer. Either, you equip your first computer with a second network interface card (NIC) and connect the second computer to this interface or you buy a hardware router.

How can I use DC++/Emule/Bittorrent?

The StuNet does not provide any services in regard to filesharing and will not provide support in how to use such services.

As always: Please obey the traffic limit and respect the copyright of others.

Can I get webspace from the StuNet?

The StuNet provides its users webspace on the webserver secundus. More information is available there.

How do I unsubscribe from StuNet?

Normally, this will be done automatically for you. For more information please refer to our information page "Signing up and off".

Although I have not changed my surfing habits, my traffic/upload/download is abnormally high. Why?

Due to privacy reasons we do not store connection data and are therefore unable to tell what exactly caused the abnormally high traffic/upload/download in particular. Often, higher traffic is caused by file sharing programs, peer-to-peer-networks, or downloadable TV programs. Viruses may also cause higher traffic. Therefore, please check all programs running on your computer and check the status of you antivirus program.

When will a user be blocked?

Information about our policy can be found in an informational leaflet that is available from our download section.

What does the message "IP-address-conflict" mean?

There may be several reasons for your problem:


  1. Your account has been deactivated (due to violation of your traffic limit or an infection with a worm or virus of your system).
  2. The MAC address is not correct in our database. Please contact your administrator.
  3. You are using static ip. Please use automatic (this page shows you how).

Is it possible to increase my download limit size?

No, this is not possible. The limit's purpose is to achieve a fair distribution of our capacities for every single user.

If you need more traffic, you are free to use the university's computer rooms or to buy an 3G/4G wireless or broadband internet access from a local ISP.

Please also consider the network-policies and bylaws of StuNet and the German National Research and Education Network (DFN) and it's scientific purpose.