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Network status: orange. A failed update of our user management system repeatedly caused network outages. We are sorry.

Our Administrators

Our administrators are there for you - not only when signing up but they will do their best to support you whenever you have problems with the internet. All our staff are working voluntary, so please obey the opening hours.

You can also contact the admins via email (admin(at)stunet.tu-freiberg.de) in case of problems or questions. If one of us is online right now, you may also use the Live-Chat:

Opening hours

Note: The opening hours are not valid during lecture-free periods.

Opening hour Administrator Building Room Bell code
Monday 14:00-15:00 Rico Schulz WAS16 2505B 5052
Tuesday 11:00-12:00 Oliver Schindler WAS16 2409A 4091
Wednesday 16:00-17:00 Immanuel Bieniek WAS16 2305C 3053
By appointment Kay Hager WAS16 2505C 5053
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WAS Dormitory Agricolastraße 14/16
Wi12-22 Dormitories Winklerstraße 12-22
HH11 Dormitory Heinrich-Heine-Str. 11