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Network status: green. We are not aware of any problems.

StuNet's structure

The Stunet is divided in two Divisions. The Management with its departments Finances, User management, Public relations and Personnel and organisation is primarily concerned with the internal organisation of the AG. The second division IT-Infrastructure, consisting of the departments Administration, Software-Engineering and Network and systems engineering, is responsible for operating and maintaining the network.

StuNet structure diagram

Division Management


The department of finances monitors the monthly finance transactions and is responsoible for the profit and loss account. Also, it works together with the network department in regard to new acquisitions.

Public relations

The departement of public relations is responsible for marketing, including preparations for events as well as representing the StuNet and merchandising.

User management

User management is primarily concerned with archiving all documents and maintaining the database. It also is in regular contact with the Studentenwerk, Abteilung Studentisches Wohnen.

Division IT-Infrastructure

Network and systems engineering

The department of network and systems engineering ensures the network hardware operates the way it should and is concerned with new acquisitions and setup of new hardware.


The department of Software-Engineering is responsible for maintenance and creation of software for the StuNet. This includes database application as well as software to ensure quality and availability of the network.


The Administrators act as connection between the StuNet and its users. They inform the users about policies as well as security considerations and are responsible for users signing up/off and blocking of accounts in case of abuse.

Network structure