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Network status: green. We are not aware of any problems.

Details about StuNet Radio

Idea of our radio is to offer every interested person the opportunity to become a DJ or moderator of his or her own radio show. Every kind of music genre is possible. Stunet radio is your platform for event notes and all kinds of art. Our broadcasting program will enrich and document student life at Freiberg University.

AG StuNet is therefore not trying to act as a censor or decision maker. We merely offer a platform for students to present their creative ideas to a larger audience. Everyone who can operate Winamp is enough of an expert to participate!


The following ideas we have in mind when we think of stunet radio:


  • Event notes for EAC, StuWe, StuRa, uni, courses etc.
  • Articles on and about Freiberg
  • Short stories or other texts – also in other languages
  • News of the different departments such as StuRa, StuNet, AG Bücherwurm, AG Kind, EAC, ...
  • Genre evenings such as Rock, Alternative, House, Elektro etc.
  • Interviews with interesting people or on topics that might be interesting for many of us (regarding university politics, construction work on campus, future plans of the university etc)
  • and and and: there is (almost) no limit for your creativity


Further information can be found in our Wiki. Or get in touch with Matze at matze(at)stunetradio.de directly who is responsible for the broadcast program. We are looking forward to hearing from you.